Stump Grinding Services Richland

Stump Grinding Services in Richland

If you’ve recently performed a tree removal in Richland, then you will also need to remove the stump. One way to get rid of the stump is to grind it down with a stump grinder. If you have ever used a stump grinder, you probably know that the time and effort using it is best when done by a professional. Top Tree will happily handle this chore for you.

How To Grind a Tree Stump in Richland

If you decide to grind a stump on your own, then you will need to do the following:

Rent a stump grinder
You can rent a stump grinder from any local equipment rental store.

Remove rocks and debris from around the stump
By removing rocks and debris from around the tree stump, you will minimize damaging the stump grinder.

Carefully use a chainsaw to trim the stump close to the ground
You will need to cut the stump down to a good clearance level to properly use the stump grinder. If the stump is too tall, it may take longer to grind down the stump than is needed.

Position the stump grinder over the stump
With the stump grinder properly positioned over the stump, you will need to swivel the stump grinder back and forth until you have ground the stump to a level below the ground.

Replace dirt and sod over the ground down stump
With the stump ground down to below the level ground, you will need to replace the area with dirt and grass. You could possibly use the newly created wood chip material to help replace the dirt. You can purchase sod from any local sod company.

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