Tree Care/Health and Pest Control

We are excited to announce that our new tree care and pest control division is open and accepting appointments. We now are able to provide tree care and pest control through a variety of application practices to coincide with our trimming, pruning and removal services. 

The Tri-Cities area is classified as a desert averaging only 8.7 inches of precipitation per year. Most trees in our landscaping are not native, therefore the best practice for keeping trees healthy is proper watering all year – as long as ground is not frozen. Also important are specific preventative applications of fertilizers, foliar treatments, systemic injections and other beneficial products that we offer in our Tree health Care Program. 

Healthy trees are much less susceptible to pest and diseases. Top Tree Service strives to be the leader in handling any situation that you may face with your trees.  Being able to combine trimming along with preventative treatments gives your trees the most opportunity to prosper for years to come. Top Tree Service is working with a supplier that gives us access to the latest and best products available in the plant health and pest control industry.

Growth Regulator Soil Injection

By applying a growth regulator it will help with the over all health of the tree by tightening the root ball and slowing the growth of the tree. This service is Great for areas with limited root zone.

Tree Injections

Used as a method to try and save a tree that is severely infected.

Root Injections

The most effective way to apply treatments and nutrients to the tree without injuring the tree.

Deep Root Watering

Used in the winter months when irrigation is turned off and the ground is not frozen.


Fertilizing trees, plants and lawns.

STOP topping trees!

Do NOT “top” your trees!

Never top your trees. Topping trees actually increases its growth rate as the tree tries to replace its missing leaf area. That stress decreases the trees ability to fight disease and pests. Sever damage from cropping can kill trees.

DIY? Saws + Heights = Danger!

Be careful! Properly caring for trees requires knowledge, training, and equipment. Don’t put yourself, your trees or your property at risk. Call 509.943.7032 and let the experts at Top Tree Service, LLC handle the tough jobs!

TCIA logo

TCIA develops safety and education programs, standards of tree care practice, and management information for tree and landscape firms around the world.

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Through research, technology, and education, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters a greater worldwide awareness of the benefits of trees.

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The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (PNW-ISA) is a member organization for arborists and urban foresters. 

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