April 2015 – Using The Right Cutting Equipment Part 2

Why Do It Yourself

If you are looking to trim your trees yourself and not use the services of one of the best tree maintenance companies in Pasco, we are more than happy to point you in a good direction.

Finding The Right Equipment: Gas Powered Wood Cutting Equipment

Chainsaws are available in gasoline and electric models. The size and location of the work area and the work you need to do help determine which you need.

Gasoline-powered chainsaws combine power and mobility. They range from light-duty models to professional-grade saws that can fell large trees. A gasoline-powered chainsaw cranks with a pull-start and has a two-cycle engine that operates on a mixture of oil and gasoline. You mix the fuel yourself or purchase premixed fuel.
Finding The Right Chainsaw

Before you shop for a chainsaw, consider the work you plan to do. The size and type of the wood you need to cut and your experience using a chainsaw are all factors in selecting the right saw.

Bar length is one way to judge a saw’s size and the work it can handle. A saw with a longer bar can cut larger-diameter wood in a single pass. Bar lengths for most homeowner saws range from 6 inches on smaller electric saws to 20 inches on larger, gasoline-powered models. Professional-grade saws have bar lengths greater than 20 inches.

Finding the Right Brand

You can walk into any Lowe’s or Home Depot and find a wide array of chainsaw brands.  Here are some to choose from:

  • Kobalt
  • Husqvarna Rancher
  • Remington
  • WORX
  • Poulan

In Conclusion

Here at Top Tree LLC, we strive to be the best at what we do.  In order to do that, we ensure that our practices are consistent with optimal tree care, our arborists are properly trained, and our customer service is top notch.  If you are searching for a superior tree service company in Pasco, we would like to earn your business.

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