April 2020 – The Right Way To Maintain Your Trees – Part 12

Do you need to find the best tree thinning service in the Tri-Cities? We are it. However, if you’re looking to tackle the job yourself, we are happy to help by providing whatever information we can.

Preventing Sidewalk Damage

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Carefully selecting a tree that will not become too large for the width of the parking strip is the simplest solution to avoiding sidewalk problems. 

Proper tree maintenance is also important. • Encourage deep root growth. Watering longer and less frequently allows the soil to become moist several feet down, encouraging the roots to grow deeper where there will be less interference with sidewalk and street infrastructure. When rain showers are few and far between, apply 10 to 20 gallons of water slowly to the root zone of your young tree each week. • Root pruning is an easy annual maintenance practice that involves cutting small (<1” diameter) surface roots before they grow under the sidewalk. The best tool is a nursery spade with a 13” blade.

Cut the roots along the sidewalk edge, separating the root ends to prevent them from grafting back together. A successful root pruning program begins the year the tree is planted. To prune any other roots, a permit from the Urban Forestry Division is needed.

If you’re looking to do all of your own tree thinning, we will be your biggest cheerleaders. If you ever need advice, a quick tip, or just have a quick question, please call us anyways. We will be happy to help and assist any way we can. If there is ever a job that gets to be a little too big, please give us a chance to earn your business. We are the best tree maintenance service in Pasco.

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