Best Tree Care Practices – July 2018: Part 2

We are having some extremely warm weather here in Kennewick for July. But honestly, it’s typically like this. With that in mind, ensuring that our trees and landscaping are being taken care of, we should already be prepared for what to do.

Native Species
Use native species whenever possible; choose stock from a reputable nursery whenever possible and inspect the trees’ condition prior to planting. It is recommended that trees come from Washington nurseries that are current members of the Washington Nursery and Landscape Association Inc.

Approved plantings
The City of Kennewick’s list of approved plantings should serve as a guide for species selection.

Tree Function
Consider the aesthetic and environmental purposes of the tree. Shade trees can make a space more comfortable and reduce cooling costs; ornamental trees produce flowers, fruit, or leaves; evergreens can act as a windbreak. Trees that drop leaves in the fall can allow sunlight to warm the building.

Tree Form and Size
Consider the size and location of the planting site. What size tree works best with space? Are there vertical restrictions on the space such as utility lines overhead or underground? Soil volume is critical for tree growth and longevity. Allowing adequate soil volume for the mature growth and size of the tree will help eliminate conflicts with hardscape and other infrastructure. Are there horizontal restrictions such as sidewalks or driveways? How many other trees are around the planting space? How will the building elevation and foundation interact with the tree and its roots?

We will continue this series over the next few months covering a wide array of topics. Don’t forget, when you’re looking for the best tree maintenance company in Kennewick, we’d love the chance to earn your business.

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