Best Tree Care Practices – July 2018: Part 4

We are having some extremely warm weather here in Richland for July. But honestly, it’s typically like this. With that in mind, ensuring that our trees and landscaping are being taken care of, we should already be prepared for what to do.

Generally, the landscape plan must include details of plant materials; schedule of plantings; classification of street trees; preservation options; and existing landscape features. Consult the City of Richland Code of Ordinances for details on landscaping plans.

Tree protection and preservation provides proactive management of trees and shrubs throughout construction and other activities that may adversely affect trees and to manage and minimize damage to trees from construction practices. Tree maintenance shall be performed only by Top Tree LLC who is familiar with the practices and hazards of arboriculture and equipment used in such operations.

Tree, Shrub and other Woody Plant Maintenance Standard Practices:

  • Tree Maintenance and Mitigation Schedule: Written schedule from project arborist detailing the scope and extent of maintenance and mitigation techniques to be utilized for trees to remain that are affected by construction.
  • Qualification Data: For tree service firm and arborist.
  • Certification: From project arborist, certifying that trees indicated to remain have been protected during construction according to recognized standards and that trees were promptly and properly treated and repaired when damaged.
  • Mitigation techniques to be used: From project arborist, for care and protection of trees affected by construction during and after completing the work.

We will continue this series over the next few months covering a wide array of topics. Don’t forget, when you’re looking for the best tree maintenance company in Richland, we’d love the chance to earn your business.

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