April 2016: Hot Weather Tips For Trees – Part 1

This year could be a warm one for the Tri-Cities. Taking care of your trees and making sure they have enough water will be critical in their health and survival. We have put together a series of tips and “must dos” for your home’s trees.

Symptom #1
The first obvious tell tale sign of a lack of water is if the tree in question is showing any signs of brown, brittle branches and leaves. Plants affected by not enough water will have yellowing leaves or dried leaves toward the bottom of the plant. If you see this happening, you are probably under watering plants. Too little water for a plant makes it conserve what little water it has by keeping the stalk green and the roots moist, but the leaves will turn yellow and wilt, eventually drying up.

Pro Tip #1
Watering Trees During First Two Years: During the first two seasons, your new tree is using a lot of energy to get its roots established in the soil. Especially during the first two or three summers of your new tree’s life, it will have a difficult time dealing with hot weather and lack of water. You can make this easier by providing water and covering the soil with wood-chip mulch. Deep watering can help speed the root establishment. Deep water consists of keeping the soil moist to a depth that includes all the roots.

When You Need Help
We want to be your “go to” resource for taking care of your trees. Whether it’s giving the best tree maintenance advice possible to take care of them or if you need the best company in Kennewick for tree removal, we are here for you. We look forward to speaking with you soon.