August 2015 – Stump Grinding 101: Part 5

Are you searching for a tree stump removal company in Kennewick that will get the job done right and fast? We are that company. We are some of the Tri-Cities only trained and certified arborists. You can count on us to do the job right.

Burn The Stump Away

Let’s say you’ve chopped down a tree on your property and cleaned up all of the pieces except for that unsightly stump. Instead of trying methods that will either break your wallet or potentially break your back, you could also try removing the stump by burning it.

  1. Drill a hole into the center of the stump about eight to 10 inches deep.
  2. Clean all of the debris out of the hole.
  3. Continue drilling holes, leaving about one inch between each hole.
  4. Scoop potassium nitrate into each hole.
  5. Pour hot water into each hole.
  6. Continue pouring water into the holes until the potassium nitrate has dissolved.
  7. Place the scrap wood on top of the stump.
  8. Light the scrap wood and wait for the stump to ignite.
  9. Use your shovel to break up any large roots or stump pieces that are left over.
  10. Bring in soil to fill the hole as needed.

Rotting a Tree Stump

Very much the same as burning a tree stump, you can also remove a stump by rotting it and then filling in the hole after the process is complete.

How to Rot a Stump

  1. Drill holes in the stump eight to ten inches deep.
  2. Fill the holes with your high-nitrogen substance.
  3. Pour water into each hole.
  4. Chip off pieces of the stump as it gradually softens.
  5. Fill the hole with dirt as needed.

Finding The Best Stump Removal Service

Here at Top Tree LLC, we prune and trim trees that look like artistic works. No matter what part of the Tri-Cities you are located in, we can grind any stump you can throw our way. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Treating Your Tree Like Art: Part 5

Are you searching for a tree removal company in West Richland that will treat your trees like works art? We are that company. We are some of West Richland’s only trained and certified arborists. You can count on us to do the job right.

Best Tree Care Practices: Don’t Top Your Tree

Topping reduces food-making capacity. Trees require a large leaf surface area to provide food for maintenance and growth. Topping cuts off a major portion of the tree’s foodmaking potential and depletes the tree’s stored reserves.

Topping stimulates undesirable “water sprout” growth. While removing most of the buds that would form a normal branch system, topping often stimulates the regrowth of dense, unattractive, upright branches (water sprouts) just below the pruning cut. Water sprout regrowth is vigorous. A topped tree will rapidly return to its original height, but will lack its original form.

Topping disfigures trees. Ugly branch stubs, conspicuous pruning cuts, and a broom-like branch growth replace natural beauty and form. Topping reduces the real estate value of trees by 20 – 100 percent. A correctly trimmed tree increases in value at each pruning.

Other Services We Offer
Even though our team has professionally trained arborists in the Tri-Cities, we perform the following types of services:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Shrubbery Maintenance
  • Stump Removal

Here at Top Tree LLC, we prune and trim trees that look like artistic works. No matter what part of West Richland you are located in, we can handle any size trees that may be on your property. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

April 2015 – Using The Right Cutting Equipment Part 3

Why Do It Yourself

If you are looking to trim your trees yourself and not use the services of one of the best tree maintenance companies in Richland, we are more than happy to point you in a good direction.

Finding The Right Equipment: Wood Cutting Hand Saws

Handsaws are for a range of uses, from general tree pruning and storm clean up to woodworking and carpentry. Clear advantages hand saws have over chainsaws or power saws are they don’t require fuel or electricity and are lighter and less expensive. Handsaws with large teeth are preferable for a faster more aggressive cut, and saws with smaller teeth are used for finer wood work. Straight blade and woodworking saws are excellent alternatives to panel saws and hand saws cut on the pull stroke for efficiency and control. Whether you’re looking for a handsaw for light tree pruning, heavy-duty tree work, or woodworking, it’s easy to find the right saw for you at the best price on the market.

Finding the Right Brand

You can walk into any Lowe’s or Home Depot and find a wide array of chainsaw brands.  Here are some to choose from:

  • Silky
  • SherrillTree
  • Deluxe Curved
  • Quick Saw

In Conclusion

Here at Top Tree LLC, we strive to be the best at what we do.  In order to do that, we ensure that our practices are consistent with optimal tree care, our arborists are properly trained, and our customer service is top notch.  If you are searching for a superior tree service company in Richland, we would like to earn your business.

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