December 2016: Choosing The Right Tree – Part 2

Let’s continue our discussion of choosing the right tree for your Kennewick property. There are several things to consider when deciding what kind of trees you want. Here are some elements to consider:

Tree Function
Large, healthy trees increase property values and make outdoor surroundings more pleasant.
A deciduous shade tree that loses leaves in fall provides cooling relief from summer’s heat while
allowing the winter sun to warm a home. An ornamental tree displays beautiful flowers, leaves, bark, or fruit. Evergreens with dense, persistent foliage can provide a windbreak or a screen for privacy.

A tree or shrub that produces fruit can provide food for the owner or wildlife. Street trees decrease the glare from pavement, reduce runoff, filter out pollutants, and add oxygen to the air we breathe. Street trees also improve the overall appearance and quality of life
in a city or neighborhood.

Form and Size
A basic principle of modern architecture is “form follows function.” Selecting the right form (shape) to complement the desired function (what you want the tree to do) can significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase the tree’s value in the landscape. In addition, mature tree size determines the level of benefits received. Larger trees typically provide the greatest economic and environmental returns.

Depending on site restrictions, you can choose from hundreds of form and size combinations.
A low, spreading tree may be planted under overhead utility lines. A narrow, columnar evergreen may provide a screen between two buildings. Large, vase-shaped trees can create an arbor over a driveway or city street.

Top Tree LLC Is Here To Help!
We are your best choice for any tree trimming needs in Kennewick. All of our arborists are highly trained and properly certified. We are happy to answer any questions you have now or in the future.

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