December 2018: Picking The Right Tree For 2019 – Part 3

Keeping on with our discussion of choosing the right tree for your Richland property. There are several things to consider when deciding what kind of trees you want. Here are some additional elements to consider:

Site Conditions
Selecting a tree that will thrive in a given set of site conditions is the
key to long-term tree survival and reduced maintenance. Consider
the following when selecting a tree:

  • soil conditions
  • exposure (sun and wind)
  • drainage
  • space constraints
  • hardiness zone
  • human activity
  • insect and disease susceptibility

Soil Conditions
In dense urban areas and new subdivisions, soil is often disturbed, shallow, compacted, and subject to drought. Most trees will suffer in these conditions without additional care. An arborist can take soil samples from your yard to test for texture, fertility, salinity, and pH (alkalinity or acidity). These tests can be used to determine which trees are suited for your property and may include recommendations for improving poor soil conditions.

When selecting a tree, check for signs of structural problems, damage, and poor tree health. There’s no reason to choose a tree that is already going to have problems. By choosing a tree that is in good health, you will reduce the amount of problems down the road.

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We are your best choice for any tree trimming needs in Richland. All of our arborists are highly trained and properly certified. We are happy to answer any questions you have now or in the future.

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