DIY Tree Trimming Tips: Part 6

Top Trees LLC is the best resource for any and all of your tree trimming needs whether you have us do the work or you need to do it yourself, we look forward to speaking with you.

When To Call An Expert
If you’re inexperienced using the necessary tools needed for any tree maintenance that must be done, it’s time to call Top Tree LLC, especially with power tools, such as chainsaws or others that harbor the chance for serious injury. Also, if the limbs you need to remove are especially heavy. When it’s possible for the limb to fall improperly and hurt you or an adjacent structure. Call us if the limbs that need removing are too high on the tree for you to reach. It takes some skill to climb a tree or use the extended tools required for such a job. Also, never use a ladder for these jobs.

What To Expect To Pay
Some tree trimming professionals in the Tri-Cities charge, on average, between $50 and $90 per hour. Top Tree LLC arborists are members of a professional association such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and be certified by that association’s Certified Arborist program. They should also have proof of insurance, a list of references, and give you a written estimate before beginning work.

If you’re looking to do all of your own tree trimming, we will be your biggest cheerleaders. If you ever need advice, a quick tip, or just have a quick question, please call us anyways. We will be happy to help and assist any way we can. If there is ever a job that gets to be a little too big, please give us a chance to earn your business. We are the best tree trimming service in Benton City.

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