June 2016 – How To Fertilize a Tree: Part 1

Part of maintaining all of the trees and shrubs on your property is fertilizing them from time to time. Fertilizing them will keep them looking fresh and green as well as keeping them from dying from hard times. If you have questions about how to do any of this, please call us.

How To Fertilize A Tree

The biggest reason to fertilize trees and shrubs is to keep up their health so they are better equipped to fight off pests, disease, and environmental stresses. While fertilizer can’t solve all of a tree’s problems, it will go a long way to give it a fighting chance.

Does My Tree Need Fertilizer?

Trees growing in their natural environment should have access to all of the minerals they need to grow. Anything you can do to reproduce their habitat can reduce the need for fertilizer. This may include letting leaves remain on the ground in the fall instead of raking them up. Chances are, though, that despite your best efforts, the need for fertilizer will not be entirely eliminated.

When You Need Help Fertilizing
We want to be your “go to” resource for taking care of your trees and shrubs. Whether it’s giving the best tree maintenance advice possible to take care of them or if you need the best company in Benton City for tree removal, we are here for you. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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