Managing Tree Hazards and Risk in the Tri-Cities

Even though we are in a high plateau area of Washington State, and the Tri-Cities is considered a desert, we have many species of trees here. Trees provide numerous benefits to us living and working in the the Tri-Cities area, which increase with tree size and age. However, mature and bigger trees are also more likely to lose branches or cause root conflicts on the sites they inhabit. In managing these trees, tree owners must recognize the tree benefits and risks.

Whether hazards are created by our strong Tri-Cities wind, or ice-storms, or whether construction on the site may or already has negatively affected the tree, tree owners should recognize tree risk and management strategies to help ensure trees are able to provide their full complement of benefits.

We can answer any questions you have. We can help you find out more about recognizing tree risk, safely responding to tree-related storm damage, avoiding damaging trees during construction, and treating trees injured during construction.

Keep in mind that having trees on your property comes with a little bit of maintenance. With just a little maintenance, you can prevent most major pitfalls. You won’t have to be worried about trees causing property damage or even worse, personal injury. We look forward to discussing your tree maintenance needs. We have trained arborists in the Tri-Cities that are professional and that can answer any questions you have.

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