May 2019 Stump Removal Part 5: Using Fire

One of the most crowd favorite ways of getting rid of a stump is to burn the stump out of the ground. In reality, this method is less than perfect, since stumps set deep in the ground rarely receive enough oxygen to facilitate a fire that actually makes a measurable difference in eliminating the stump from your property. In fact, a low oxygen burn can instead create a charcoal material that is almost impossible to decompose and remove.

Burning can be used to get rid of tree stumps, but this method is rarely done except by professional landscaping and tree removers. Burning tree stumps can take up to a week or two to thoroughly burn and may not be permitted in most areas due to fire codes. This method should not be attempted nearby other dwellings or wooded areas.

Considered the quickest and easiest method, burning tree stumps out of the ground can be efficient. Though it may be somewhat time consuming, it can be done within a matter of hours, or even minutes, using specialized machinery like stump grinders. Smaller stumps can be dug out with a spade shovel or pickaxe.

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