May 2020 – The Right Way To Maintain Your Trees – Part 14

Do you need to find the best tree thinning service in the Tri Cities? We are it. However, if you’re looking to tackle the job yourself, we are happy to help by providing whatever information we can.

If not, consult an arborist about how and when to water during unusually dry summers. Pest management Each tree species is susceptible to a different collection of insect and disease problems. Learn how to identify the problems that are specific to your tree and the available remedies. Check your tree often for signs of stress. Many problems are more readily and inexpensively treated when diagnosed at an early stage. Pruning Find out how your tree responds to pruning. Typically, mature trees require the removal of dead and broken limbs only. 

Some trees may also benefit from the removal of branches that may harm the health of the tree in the future. Look for branches that are rubbing or are attached to the trunk at a sharp angle. If the canopy of the tree is very dense, thinning can improve wind firmness and reduce wind damage to the tree and underlying property. Always consult a professional arborist before pruning a mature tree. Find out about the history of your tree. 

If you’re looking to do all of your own tree thinning, we will be your biggest cheerleaders. If you ever need advice, a quick tip, or just have a quick question, please call us anyways. We will be happy to help and assist any way we can. If there is ever a job that gets to be a little too big, please give us a chance to earn your business. We are the best tree maintenance service in the Tri Cities.

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