November 2016: Benefits of a Tree – Part 4

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Communal Benefits
Even when located on a private lot, the benefits provided by trees can reach well out into the surrounding community. Likewise, large growing trees can come in conflict with utilities, views, and structures that are beyond the bounds of the owner’s property. With proper selection and maintenance, trees can enhance and function on one property without infringing on the rights and privileges of neighbors.

City trees often serve several architectural and engineering functions. They provide privacy, emphasize views, or screen out objectionable views. They reduce glare and reflection. They direct pedestrian traffic. Trees also provide background to and soften, complement, or enhance architecture.

Trees bring natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban surroundings, all of which increase the quality of life for residents of the community.

These are just some of the communal benefits of trees. There are many more than this depending on the overall vibe of your neighborhood.

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