How To Plant Trees: Check Local Laws & Codes Part 2

Each city within the Tri-Cities area has it’s own tree ordinances and codes. Whether you live in Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, Benton City, or Burbank, you will want to look up any codes related to where and how you plant your trees. Some of the biggest concerns will be any obstructions created to city property or public access. You will also want to consider future planning because even if your tree is good now or next year, it may end up violating code years down the road.

Some of the kinds of ordinances will cover one of these three basic categories:

  • Street tree ordinances primarily cover the planting and removal of trees within public rights-of-way. They often contain provisions governing maintenance or removal of private trees which pose a hazard to the traveling public. Also included in this category are ordinances with tree planting requirements, such as those requiring tree planting in parking lots.
  • Tree protection ordinances are primarily directed at providing protection for native trees or trees with historical significance. They usually require that a permit be obtained before protected trees can be removed, encroached upon, or in some cases, pruned.
  • View ordinances are designed to help resolve conflicts between property owners that result when trees block views or sunlight.

Keep in mind that proper tree care begins when you pick a tree and what you do to your tree in its first couple years of life will affect its shape, strength, and its life span. By following these steps, you will make sure tree gets on the correct foot and keep it healthy throughout its life. We look forward to helping you with all of your tree maintenance needs. No matter where you live in the Tri-Cities, your tree maintenance needs are our priority.

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