Spring Time Checklist Part 2: You’re Using Too Mulch – January 2016

Spring time is around the corner. If your property has one tree or many trees, you will need to think about maintaining them. Top Tree LLC is where you will find some of the only qualified arborists in Kennewick. Let us take care of your trees.

Keep An Eye On Your Layers

Mulch does so many good things. With that said, it is easy to assume more mulch is better. In reality, thicker layers of mulch cause plants harm. When mulch builds up over four inches it often starts repelling water. When this happens water simply sheds off the top of the mulch rather than soaking into the soil below, leaving plants thirsty.

Thick layers of mulch can also suffocate plant roots, or cut off access to oxygen and carbon dioxide. We don’t often think about the role of air in the soil, but roots need air to survive. Burying root systems under excessive layers of mulch reduces the amount of air in the soil, causing plants to decline. A tree or plant’s health decline is usually slow, often taking years for plants to die from over mulching.

No Need For Mountains Around Trees

The practice of volcano mulching is extremely damaging to trees. This practice is where deep layers of mulch are piled up against the trunks of trees. In addition to suffocating roots, this type of mulching encourages pests to take up residence. If your tree looks like it is erupting out of a mountain of mulch, you have too much.

To prevent the death of your trees, remove excess mulch away from tree trunks. Really, there should be a two to four inch layer of mulch extending out to the drip line, or edge of the tree canopy. Taper the mulch level down near the trunk so no mulch actually touches a tree’s trunk. Also avoid piling mulch into the center of shrubs or dumping thick layers of mulch on top of perennials.

We’re Here To Help!
Top Tree LLC is your best choice for any tree removal needs in Kennewick. All of our technicians are highly trained and properly certified. We are happy to answer any questions you have now or in the future.

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