Spring Time Tree Maintenance Step by Step: Part 3

Established trees may seem self-sufficient, but our arborists at Top Tree LLC agree: Healthy trees do not just happen on their own. Trees are low-maintenance, not no-maintenance. Tending to seasonal chores helps keep trees healthy and protects your landscape investment. Get your trees off to a growing start by following six simple steps for spring tree care. Here is step 3 of 6:

You Need Water!

Wait until soil thaws out from the cold to tackle watering. If you water your trees while the soil is still frozen, the water will just run off. You will want to deeply water trees located in areas where de-icing materials were used over winter. The excess water will irrigate salt-laden materials through soil and away from tree roots.

Even though the weather is cool, don’t allow trees to dry out. You may have to water several times if weather warms or if you have sandy soil. Check your sprinkler system. Inspect emitters and lines for leaks or clogs. Look for puddling around trees; adjust sprinkler heads accordingly. Sprinklers shouldn’t spray water onto foliage of trees susceptible to fungal diseases. If dogwood, for instance, has continually wet leaves, it’s more likely to develop anthracnose or powdery mildew.

When you water your trees, be sure to water near the trunk of your trees. Do not expect your inground sprinkler systems to do the job. One of the best ways to ensure your trees to get enough water is to use your garden hose.

If you have multiple trees to remove or just don’t have the time to do it, we are here for you. We can handle all of your tree removal needs in the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Richland, Pasco) and even West Richland. We look forward to being your preferred tree removal service provider.

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