Spring Tree Maintenance 2015: Part 2 – Top Tree LLC

Prune Dead Branches

Rookie tree-pruners and people who have their home gardens tend to leave too much of the stub when pruning off branches. Once the stub dies off, it creates an easy gateway for disease pathogens and destructive insects to enter into the tree and wreak havoc.

Fortunately, making the proper pruning cut on a dead branch is much easier than de-limbing a live branch from a young tree. That is because you can tell between the dead wood and the live stalk much easier, as a ring of swollen tree flesh encircles the area in which living tree becomes dead branch. This circle is known as the “collar.” The collar serves as a natural defense system.

When cutting off a dead branch, a perfect, flush cuts should occur just outside the collar, leaving as little of a stub as possible, but without damaging or removing any part of the collar (the natural defense barrier).

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