Storm Damage: Part 3 Crown Twist

Living in the Tri-Cities area comes with many great benefits. We have sun, clear skies, and plenty of beautiful scenery. But with that comes a little bit of wind in late April and early May. The wind can pick up enough to where it will do some pretty good.

The third kind of damage that can occur is a “crown twist”. This occurs when a tree isn’t properly maintained or pruned. If the tree is pruned in a way that doesn’t distribute the weight of the tree evenly, it can cause the tree to fail during a wind storm. By hiring a professional arborist in the Tri-Cities, they can save you much time and energy than if you didn’t. A trained arborist will prune your tree properly as well as leave it looking beautiful.

As a tree is stressed, it will naturally try to cure or adjust a crown twist. However, this will adjustment will not fix any preexisting weaknesses. As time goes on, and if any stressors aren’t fixed, weaknesses will be magnified and could ultimately lead to a stem failure or branch failure. If this happens, we are more than happy to discuss maintenance options.

If you are concerned about crown damage and potential further damage, here are a few ways to evaluate the tree:

  • examine each tree and branch
  • look for splits or cracks
  • look for branches that too close to your home or other structure
  • call us if you have any questions

Keep in mind that having trees on your property comes with a little bit of maintenance. With just a little maintenance, you can prevent most major pitfalls. You won’t have to be worried about trees causing property damage or even worse, personal injury. We look forward to discussing your tree maintenance needs. We have trained arborists in the Tri-Cities that are professional and that can answer any questions you have.

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