Stump Removal in Kennewick – Tips Part 1

Do you have a tree stump that is an eyesore and need it removed? We are up to the task. If you would like to try to tackle the task yourself, here is how you can get it done:

Removing It By Hand
If you’re going to remove your tree stump by hand, you will want to get a few tools before you start. You’ll need a stump grinder, shovel, mattock, chainsaw, and a rake. You will use the shovel to clear away rocks and debris from around the stump.

You will want to cut away as much of the stump as you can with your chainsaw. You will want to get the stump as level with the ground as possible. When you’ve done that, bring the stump grinder above the stump, turn it on and lower the grinder to grind the stump down. Repeat this process until you have ground the stump down to an acceptable level.

There are other methods of removing stumps from your property. There are ways to remove stumps with chemicals as well as burning stumps out. Each method should be used cautiously.

In Conclusion
If you’re not sure how to remove your stump, we would enjoy the chance to earn your business. We can have your stump removed and have the site cleaned up faster than you can imagine. Let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can relax and enjoy your weekend. We are your Kennewick stump removal experts and will show you why we’ve earned that.

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