Amy Anderson

“Mine is a somewhat different recommendation than you’d normally find for a business that takes care of trees. I live in a small gated community of 12 homes with a pool at the center of our development. Within the pool ground is a at least 30’ tall flagpole. This past winter the cable used to raise lower the flag shredded and when we attempted to thread a new line, the two halves came apart and we were left without a line on the pole. I spent 2mos trying to find someone to help (fire dept, numerous contractors/landscapers/tree services). Top Tree actually ANSWERED their phone when I called and after a moment or two of surprised silence after explaining what I needed, I was put on hold and she came back and said they would help. They worked with me to find the least expensive means to make it happen, and then agreed to do their best to try and fit us in so we could raise our flag before the 4th of July (7 days away from my call). Two days later a very nice gentleman showed up at my door and our community flag was ready to be raised a short time later.

Endless thank you’s from our entire community to Top Tree. From actually answering your phone, to being timely in agreeing to a commitment, to getting to our door, and lastly having such professional and kind employees. Thanks for being willing to work outside your defined box and by doing so making our day, our week and our 4th of July.”

Amy Anderson
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