The Effect of Grass on Trees – August 2019: Part 4

We’re continuing with our series on the effects of grass on trees: Most of us only associate clean air with trees. Grass also cleans our air and is often overlooked. If you’re looking for guidance on how your lawn might be affecting your trees, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The following is an excerpt from:
Trees Are Sacred, Grass Is Bad, Why?
– Sylvan Addink, Ph.D, Certified Professional Agronomist Water Use of Trees Versus Turf

If efficiently irrigated, research data indicates that many trees require as much water, if not more water than grasses. Research by Dr. Devitt et. el. in Las Vegas, NV indicated that “During the active growing season, tree to grass (Bermuda grass/ryegrass low fertility) water use ratios in the range of 2 to 4 were observed.”

Evapotranspiration reflects the level of plant water use from both plant transpiration and evaporation. “Leaf area index, an important structural variable descriptive of vegetation, is directly related to evapotranspiration.”

This means that a similar amount of water will be required to maintain the same amount of leaf area, whether grass or trees with similar transpiration characteristics. The leaf area index for turfgrasses is similar or less than that of the forest leaf index for several common deciduous tree varieties, which supports the conclusion by Devitt referenced above.

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