The Effect of Grass on Trees – September 2019: Part 7

We’re continuing with our series on the effects of grass on trees: Most of us only associate clean air with trees. Grass also cleans our air and is often overlooked.  If you’re looking for guidance on how your lawn might be affecting your trees, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Energy Savings

Energy savings are a major reason why municipalities and utilities promote planting of trees. Trees provide shade in addition to cooling the atmosphere through evapotranspiration. Likewise, grass areas also provide cooling due to evapotranspiration. It has been found that, “the front lawns of 8 average houses have the same cooling effect as 24 (3-4 ton capacity) home central air conditioning units.

A visual observation of most neighborhoods will indicate that trees are often placed too far from buildings to achieve maximum shade benefits. When trees do not shade buildings, the general cooling effect is similar to that of an equivalent area of turfgrass.

Air Quality Benefits

Turf and trees are great assets to our communities because of their ability to entrap pollutants and remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Research has shown that turfgrasses remove “atmospheric pollutants such as carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride, and perosyzacetyle nitrate from the air.”

Grasses remove about 6 tons of CO2 per acre per year from the atmosphere…” Turfgrasses also reduce airborne dust particulates and “offer one of the most cost-efficient methods to control…wind erosion of soil.”

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