The Effect of Grass on Trees – September 2019: Part 8

We’re continuing with our series on the effects of grass on trees: Most of us only associate clean air with trees. Grass also cleans our air and is often overlooked.  If you’re looking for guidance on how your lawn might be affecting your trees, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Runoff Reductions

With trees, most stormwater runoff reduction is due to the interception of rain by the tree’s leaves which delays water runoff for a short period of time. However, grasses will provide a significantly longer delay in runoff. The grass leaves slow down the flow of the water across the landscape’s surface, allowing the water to penetrate the soil. Because grasses prevent and delay runoff of water, they also impact the number of sewer overflow events in a city, where the sewer water and storm water are combined.

Filtering & Erosion Control

To a greater extent than trees, turf acts as an agent to purify contaminants and control soil erosion. “Turf is good for filtering out oil and debris from the street. Grass is a tremendous medium to clean the environment.” “Perennial turfgrasses offer one of the most cost-efficient methods to control erosion of soil.”

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