Tree Maintenance 101 – January 2018: Part 1

Top Tree LLC can help you manage any tree hazards you have on your property. We are some of the best arborists in the Tri-Cities and can either give you advice on how to manage your trees or perform any preventative maintenance you need.

Mulch retains soil moisture and moderates soil temperature extremes. A two to four inch layer set out to the tree’s drip line is ideal. More than a four inch mulch depth can cause problems with oxygen and moisture levels. Avoid piles that look like “volcanos”. Keep mulch a few inches away from the trunk to avoid pest and disease problems. Mulch provides a kept appearance, while preventing damage from lawn care equipment. When a trunk is damaged, it slows growth and can lead to infestation and wood decay as well as tree decline and death.

Fertilizer and lime could be applied based on soil test results. Fertilization is not a cure-all for aging trees, but may be used to complement other tree maintenance activities. Younger trees benefit more from fertilization than older trees. In early spring, broadcast a slow-release fertilizer evenly over mulched and unmulched surfaces in the root zone area. Fertilizer should always be applied to moist soil to improve uptake and to reduce the chance of root injury. Improper fertilizer type, rate, and application can injure plants.

Tree Establishment
The length of time for establishment of a tree depends on the original tree size and the growing conditions after planting. All trees experience transplant shock regardless of tree size when planted. During the period of transplant shock, both root and shoot growth are reduced. Vigorous growth does not return until the roots are established. A one inch caliper tree, with proper care, should develop an established root system by the end of the first year. A four inch caliper tree is larger and requires a minimum of five years to develop an established root system.

We look forward to helping you with all of your tree removal and tree trimming needs. When and if you have any questions about your trees, shrubs, or any other greenery on your property, we can help. We strive to be your only and best option for tree trimmers in the Tri-Cities.

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