April 2016: Hot Weather Tips For Trees – Part 2

This year could be a warm one for the Tri-Cities. Taking care of your trees and making sure they have enough water will be critical in their health and survival. We have put together a series of tips and “must dos” for your home’s trees.

Symptom #2 – Root Exposure
Trees affected by not enough water will also start showing some root at the surface. The ground around the tree will be cracked, and you can be assured that your plant roots are not getting the moisture or nutrients they need to grow properly. Make sure you water your tree so that they do not have difficulty producing healthy limbs and leaves. Finally, too little water for a tree means that the tree will eventually die. If you want to make sure your tree live long and healthy, you need to be sure that you supply enough water.

Pro Tip #2
Shrubs and trees are often the “neglected orphans” around your property. Not everyone thinks to water them. You can drill holes 12 inches deep and 24 inches apart in the ground around your trees and let water run into the holes. Add liquid fertilizer to save the life of trees during a critical drought. Feeding promotes new root growth and sustains tree vigor over the long haul. Use mulches – wood chips, pine needles, sawdust, sphagnum, or even cocoa bean hulls – to keep tree roots cool and moist. Dig away the sod at the tree’s base and fill in with mulch.

When You Need Help
We want to be your “go to” resource for taking care of your trees. Whether it’s giving the best tree maintenance advice possible to take care of them or if you need the best company in Richland for tree removal, we are here for you. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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