April 2019 – Tree & Shrub Care – Deodar & Easter Red Cedar Trees

Taking care of your cedar trees and shrubs is just a part of having trees and shrubs on your property. You will have to be mindful of various kinds of insects, fungus, weather damage, and of course, just the normal wear and tear a tree will go through.

Normally from the Himalayas, the Deodar Cedar is a dense, and soft-textured pyramidal tree with slightly tiered branches. The leader tends to be somewhat bowed. The needles are the longest of any cedar, measuring from 1.5-2 inches in length. As the tree ages, lower branches tend to bend towards the ground, and the silhouette can be quite striking.

Care For The Deodar
Fertilize with a Deodar Cedar with formulations that promote woody, strong growth rather than excessive foliar growth. This tree can be pruned to control outward growth (to about halfway along the branch), but no new growth will sprout from leafless wood. Best planted in large properties

The Eastern Red Cedar is quite common in the wild in the eastern United States but rarely used in gardens. The foliage is fragrant (especially when crushed) and develops from a need-like younger leaf to a scale-like older leaf. Foliage tends to bright green in color. Cold winter weather may cause the foliage to turn a pinkish hue. Produces clusters of blueberries that can be an attractive winter snack for birds. Perhaps most effectively used as a hedge or windbreak, especially in marginal soils.

Care For The Easter Red Cedar
Fertilize with formulations that promote woody, strong growth rather than excessive foliar growth. Tends to be drought, salt, and pollution tolerant. Watering is generally not necessary except in severe drought conditions.

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