April 2020 – The Right Way To Maintain Your Trees – Part 8

Do you need to find the best tree thinning service in Kennewick? We are it. However, if you’re looking to tackle the job yourself, we are happy to help by providing whatever information we can.

Visibility And Safety

Overgrown trees and shrubs endanger us all when they block our view of traffic signs, pedestrians and other vehicles. It is the adjacent property owner’s responsibility to keep trees and other plants in the right-of-way from blocking visibility within transportation corridors. Street Corners All intersections must have clear visibility for pedestrians and vehicles—even where no traffic signs or signals are present. When the City is notified of a visibility problem, the adjoining property owner is contacted as a reminder to keep nearby trees and shrubs trimmed. Streets & Sidewalks To insure safe passage for everyone, tree limbs must hang no lower than 7½ feet above the sidewalk, 11 feet above residential streets, and 14 feet above main arterials. 

If you’re looking to do all of your own tree thinning, we will be your biggest cheerleaders. If you ever need advice, a quick tip, or just have a quick question, please call us anyways. We will be happy to help and assist any way we can. If there is ever a job that gets to be a little too big, please give us a chance to earn your business. We are the best tree pruning service Benton City


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