April 2020 – The Right Way To Maintain Your Trees – Part 9

Do you need to find the best tree thinning service in Richland? We are it. However, if you’re looking to tackle the job yourself, we are happy to help by providing whatever information we can.

Young Tree Pruning

Try to prune only dead or broken branches. It is best to leave as much leaf surface as possible to produce food that will work to build a larger root system. The roots and aboveground parts will be larger after one year if only minor pruning is done at the time of planting. A. Prune broken branches B. If more than one leader is present, remove the one with a crook or other defect to protect the main leader from competition. C. Unless immediate visual clearance is needed, do not remove the small branches growing low on the trunk. These branches help the tree develop a strong taper and will eventually be removed. 

3 – 4 Years After Planting

By this time, the tree’s root system should be anchoring the tree and providing nourishment to the growing branches. Growth is far enough along to reveal potential problems that can easily be corrected with pruning. This is also a good time to reduce wind resistance and excessive weight. Do not remove more than ¼ of the tree’s canopy during thinning. A. Remove branches that are heading back into the tree. B. Remove branches that are rubbing. C. Eliminate branches with narrow angles. D. Remove suckers from around the base of the tree whenever they emerge.

If you’re looking to do all of your own tree thinning, we will be your biggest cheerleaders. If you ever need advice, a quick tip, or just have a quick question, please call us anyways. We will be happy to help and assist any way we can. If there is ever a job that gets to be a little too big, please give us a chance to earn your business. We are the best tree maintenance service in Kennewick.

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