Chapter 12.12: City of Pasco Tree Ordinances

tree cutting services tri-cities kennewick pasco richlandThe City of Pasco has a pretty extensive section to their ordinances pertaining.  However Chapter 12.12 is what you will be looking for if you live in Pasco and have questions about the City of Pasco’s Tree Ordinances.

What looks to be one of the most pertinent pieces of Chapter 12.12 is 12.12.030.  This section states very clearly that the owner of any real property is responsible for the condition and maintenance of all vegetation on the portion of the public right-of-way.

Another very pertinent chapter is 12.12.070.  This chapter is relevant to the removal of trees and shrubs in Pasco.  If you live in the City of Pasco and are looking to remove tree stumps or shrubs, you will need to be aware of this chapter.  We can help you navigate any questions or concerns you have during your tree removal.

The next chapter (12.12.080) pertains to any nuisance caused by trees or shrubs.  Section 12.12.100 addresses any resolution to abate an identified nuisance.  This section shall not pass until the property owner is given 10 days notice.  At the time of this writing, the ordinance doesn’t specify whether it’s 10 calendar days or 10 business days.  However, they will mail a copy of the notice to the property owner upon identification of any nuisance.

Any fine or penalties that pertain to the City of Pasco’s tree ordinances are described in section 12.12.150.  At the time of this writing, failure to comply with any provisions of chapter 12.12 shall be subject to a fine that is not to exceed $500.  Any violations of a continuing nature shall be considered separate violations.

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