December 2017: Caring For Ice Damaged Trees – Part 1

Winters in the Tri-Cities can be hit or miss. This year along, we’ve seen temperatures in December ranging from the low 50 degrees to the high teens. In the seasons we have the bitter cold temps couple with snow, you’ll want to understand how these temperatures can affect trees and potential damage from ice.

Ice storms are fairly common events. Severe ice storms can affect trees, but trees can also be remarkably resilient. Healthy trees that have not suffered major structural damage, such as split trunks and broken crowns, may recover with time. In winter, trees are dormant and further injury by insects and disease is less likely than if the injury occurs during the growing season.

Recovery depends on the health of the tree and the extent of the damage; healthy trees with few damaged branches should recover and in time the crown may even appear normal.

Safety First
Be careful when working near or under any damaged trees. Approach and inspect damaged trees only if it is clearly safe to do so. Branches that appear to be well wedged in the crown can fall without warning at any time, resulting in serious injury and damage to property.

Do not go near any tree close to power lines. Pruning of large branches and stems is difficult and hazardous and should only be carried out by persons trained and experienced in such work.

When you’re looking for tree maintenance and tree care in the Tri-Cities, we should be your first choice. We are some of the only certified arborists in town and we are very good at what we do. Let us explain to you why we’re your best bet to take care of your trees.

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