December 2017: Caring For Ice Damaged Trees – Part 2

Winters in Kennewick can be hit or miss. This year along, we’ve seen temperatures in December ranging from the low 50 degrees to the high teens. In the seasons we have the bitter cold temps couple with snow, you’ll want to understand how these temperatures can affect trees and potential damage from ice.

Most trees can be saved with appropriate treatment. There is no need to rush out and remove trees that do not pose a safety hazard in the short-term. It is wise to wait until the growing season before deciding to take down damaged trees.

The first thing to do is assess your trees. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do broken limbs pose any danger?
  • What species is the tree?
  • How healthy was the tree before the storm?
  • How much of the crown has been lost?
  • Is the trunk broken?
  • Can a branch in the upper canopy become a leader?
  • Is the tree of any value to wildlife?

Make your assessment of the tree and then decide on the appropriate action. If you are making decisions for shade trees around your home, you will want to do all you can to save each tree; however, if you are making decisions for your woodlot, a thorough assessment is required.

Realistically, you won’t be able to properly prune each injury on each tree. Deciding which tree stays and which tree should be cut can be a difficult decision and depends on your woodlot objectives, the extent of the damage, safety issues and current market values. Landowners should seek professional help for an assessment of the damage to their woodlots and recommendations for remedial action.

When you’re looking for tree maintenance and tree care in Kennewick, we should be your first choice. We are some of the only certified arborists in town and we are very good at what we do. Let us explain to you why we’re your best bet to take care of your trees.

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