December 2017: Caring For Ice Damaged Trees – Part 3

Winters in Richland can be hit or miss. This year along, we’ve seen temperatures in December ranging from the low 50 degrees to the high teens. In the seasons we have the bitter cold temps couple with snow, you’ll want to understand how these temperatures can affect trees and potential damage from ice.

Call Us In
Depending on your circumstances and expertise, you may have to bring in us in to assist you in making decisions or in carrying out the physical work. There are a number of experts available to help you, including arborists, foresters, forestry technicians, biologists, ecologists, loggers and land clearing contractors. Each has their own unique skills and experience and should be used accordingly. Arborists care for individual trees and shrubs.

Future Care
Help your tree in the upcoming year by making its life as easy as possible. Water shade trees during dry spells. Avoid unnecessary wounding like lawn mower injury, at the tree’s base. In the forest, practice good timber management by cutting out less desirable and poorly formed trees to benefit your more valuable trees. At the same time, give thought to retaining some of the damaged trees as potential cavity trees for wildlife.

A well thought out management plan can help your trees stay “fit” for many years. A number of publications are available to help develop a management plan for your woodlot including A Woodlot Management Plan, Making Your Woodland Pay, and A Business Approach to Owning Rural Property. Contact the LandOwner Resource Centre for details. Don’t be tempted to “clean-up” the forest too much. Remember, woody debris on the forest floor provides nutrients for the remaining trees as well as key habitat for forest wildlife.

When you’re looking for tree maintenance and tree care in Richland, we should be your first choice. We are some of the only certified arborists in town and we are very good at what we do. Let us explain to you why we’re your best bet to take care of your trees.

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