December 2017: Caring For Ice Damaged Trees – Part 4

Winters in Pasco can be hit or miss. This year along, we’ve seen temperatures in December ranging from the low 50 degrees to the high teens. In the seasons we have the bitter cold temps couple with snow, you’ll want to understand how these temperatures can affect trees and potential damage from ice.

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Ice Coated Trees
Some trees will continue to be ice covered or frozen into the snow crust after the storm. Generally, it is advised not to remove the ice and snow, although each tree is different. It is often best to allow the tree to thaw before attempting to straighten it. For some conifers, such as pine, attempting to release a frozen top could cause more damage. Do not attempt to remove ice by striking the branches with a blunt object. Trees are fairly brittle in the winter and with the added rigidity of the ice, you will break more branches than you will save. Be patient, over time the tree may straighten.

Pruning Properly
Pruning can be done anytime with a few exceptions. Elms should never be pruned during the growing season as open wounds attract the elm bark beetle that spreads Dutch Elm Disease. Avoid pruning hardwoods in the spring as sap flows will attract insects. Hardwoods that flower in early spring should be pruned after flowering to ensure that flowers will bloom next spring. Conifers can be pruned at any time, but pruning during the dormant season will minimize sap and resin flow.

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