How To Prune A Tree: Part 3

Top Tree LLC has been pruning trees in the Tri-Cities for many years. Sometimes, your trees need just a little maintenance. However, there are times when they need more than that. Here is part 1 of our series on pruning your trees.

Removing Branches
We’ve discussed the importance of which branches to select for removal. These include any broken or damaged branches as well as branches that do not conform to the tree’s overall look.

The next step to removing branches is to select the proper tools for the job. You will probably need a couple sets of pruners. A smaller set for thin branches and a set of lopping shears for thicker branches. Look for branches that are already damaged. These branches will be broken, have bark that is loose or completely removed, or have fungal growth. These damaged or diseased branches can ruin and kill the rest of your tree.

While removing branches be sure to not cut or remove any of the key branches of the tree. These branches will include branches that are closest to the trunk. You will want to ensure that while cutting and pruning these branches you do not damage existing bark and do any damage that doesn’t need to happen.

Here at Top Tree, we strive to be your preferred tree maintenance provider. We have specially trained arborists in the Tri-Cities that will show your trees the utmost care. Whether you need trees removed, trees trimmed, or just regular care, we will be here for you.

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