How To Prune A Tree: Part 4

Top Tree LLC has been pruning trees in the Tri-Cities for many years. Sometimes, your trees need just a little maintenance. However, there are times when they need more than that. Here is part 1 of our series on pruning your trees.

Thinning Out Branches
Sometimes more isn’t better. When it comes to trees this is usually the case. If you have too many branches competing for food and nutrients, your entire tree could end up starving to death. Retaining water, food, and nutrients for you tree is something we have discussed in previous writings. This maintenance includes keeping a solid mulch around the base of your tree. Mulch is instrumental maintaining the health of your tree.

When it comes to pruning and thinning out some branches, you will want to find the branches with the thickest leaves. One of the many reasons to thin things out is so there is enough food and water for the rest of the tree. Another reason is to reduce the amount of drag on the tree during a big wind storm. By enabling the wind to blow through your tree and not against it, you will reduce the amount of stress your tree goes through.

While thinning out branches on your tree, be mindful to not “top the tree”. Topping your tree is actually harmful and could end up killing it. Other names of “topping a tree” includes “heading”, “tipping”, “hat-racking”, and “rounding over”. Topping your tree will cause it to decay and even sunburn. It is important to not utilize this practice.

Here at Top Tree, we strive to be your preferred tree maintenance provider. We have specially trained arborists in the Tri-Cities that will show your trees the utmost care. Whether you need trees removed, trees trimmed, or just regular care, we will be here for you.

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