June 2016 – How To Grow A Tree or Shrub From Seed: Part 2

We can tell and show you how to grow trees and shrubs from seeds. Then as they grow, we can be your “go to tree maintenance” company.

Forced or “Assisted” Germination
Natural germination is perfect way to start most shrubs and tree seeds, sometimes better and more consistent results can be achieved through assisted germination. Basically, it means using various techniques to mimic the role nature plays in causing tree seeds to germinate.

There are several techniques that may be involved to force the germination of any given tree seed. Please carefully read the recommended steps listed on each individual seed package.

Many seeds require one or more treatment steps to stimulate the germination process. The three steps are:
1) Scarification,
2) Cold Stratification
3) Warm Stratification. Keep in mind that not all seeds require all of these steps. In fact some seeds do not require any pretreatment whatsoever.

Scarification is the process of reducing or breaking the seed coat so that moisture can penetrate and the embryo can begin the germination process. Scarification is commonly required on seeds with dense or hard seed shells. Many tree seeds do not require any scarification, and for those that do, the most common treatment is a simple water soak.

Hard seed coats can be broken down by:
a) a water soak,
b) a physical or mechanical breaking of the seed coat, or
c) a chemical or acid treatment (not commonly required).

When You Need Help Growing Trees
We want to be your “go to” resource for taking care of your trees and shrubs. Whether it’s giving the best tree maintenance advice possible to take care of them or if you need the best company in the Tri-Cities for tree removal, we are here for you. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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