Spring Time Checklist Part 4: Common Planting Mistakes – January 2016

Spring time is around the corner. If your property has one tree or many trees, you will need to think about maintaining them. Top Tree LLC is where you will find some of the only qualified arborists in Pasco. Let us take care of your trees.

Mistake No. 1: Plant in the right season…
The best time to plant a tree or shrub is when the plant has gone dormant. This is a period when energy is focused on root growth, as this will help the new tree become better established.

Horticulturists usually recommend planting in fall, when temperatures are moderate and the new transplant can receive adequate rainfall, though early spring can be OK, too. According to the Clemson Cooperative Extension, “Fall planting allows the carbohydrates produced during the previous growing season to be directed to root growth since there is little demand from the top. This additional growth may lessen the dependency of the plant on supplemental irrigation the following summers.”

The best planting time, of course, can vary with the species of tree or shrub and the USDA hardiness zone where you’re located, so talk to experts at your local nursery when determining a planting date.

Mistake No. 2: Don’t Overlook the Dirt
As you might already know from growing crops or flowers, planting isn’t as easy as just digging in the dirt. Trees and shrubs also need proper drainage and soil pH between 5.5 and 6.5 in order to thrive, so test the soil before planting and amend as needed.

If you’re bringing in dirt to the planting site, sample your soil and send to a lab for testing after the soil you’ll be planting with is in place. To test for soil drainage, the Virginia Cooperative Extension offers this tip: “Dig the hole for your new plant and fill it with water. If the water doesn’t drain in 24 hours, plant elsewhere.”

Overall, the soil should be comprised of about 10 to 20 percent organic matter, such as compost, leaf mold, or composted pine bark. According to recent studies, but this should already be in place before you begin digging the hole.

If you confine the amendments to the planting hole, you can limit root growth. Also be aware that fine-textured amendments, such as peat moss, can retain too much moisture, while coarse-textured amendments, such as composted pine bark, are less likely to do so.

We’re Here To Help!
Top Tree LLC is your best choice for any tree removal needs in Pasco. All of our technicians are highly trained and properly certified. We are happy to answer any questions you have now or in the future.

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