Spring Time Checklist Part 5: Too Much Water Can Be Bad – January 2016

Spring time is around the corner. If your property has one tree or many trees, you will need to think about maintaining them. Top Tree LLC is where you will find some of the only qualified arborists in the Burbank, Washington. Let us take care of your trees.

Identify The Signs of Overwatering
Look for symptoms of overwatering. This can include a loss of vigor, yellow leaves, leaf scorch, and water-soaked blisters on the stems and leaves. Dig down a few inches into the tree’s root zone. Very moist soil at that depth suggests too much water. A sour smell indicates that the soil is oxygen-deprived.

Stop Watering
Stop watering the tree until you determine the cause or causes of the overwatering problem. Generally, overwatering injury is caused by a combination of factors, including heavy soil, poor tree placement and inappropriate watering methods.

Stop Fertilizing
Stop all fertilizing. Don’t start until the tree recovers. Too much fertilizer burns the tree roots, making them unable to absorb the moisture in the soil.

Move the Tree
Move the tree to a better site if the cause of the overwatering cannot be fixewd. Although transplanting stresses a tree, it may be the only solution if the tree is planted in a low spot that regularly accumulates moisture, or if the soil is heavy clay or very compacted.

We’re Here To Help!
Top Tree LLC is your best choice for any tree removal needs in Burbank. All of our technicians are highly trained and properly certified. We are happy to answer any questions you have now or in the future.

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