Spring Time Checklist Part 6: Too Close To Home – January 2016

Spring time is around the corner. If your property has one tree or many trees, you will need to think about maintaining them. Top Tree LLC is where you will find some of the only qualified arborists in Benton City. Let us take care of your trees.

Something to keep an eye on is whether a tree’s limbs are too close to a home. If they are, they could cause damage during a hard windstorm or rainstorm. Here are some tips to identify and prevent hazards:

Inspect the tree’s crown
Branches towards the top of the crown often die from the top down when stressed. Repeated insect infestations, long periods of no water, soil compaction, and disease can cause stress. Pests invade and stress the tree even more. Trees can recover if the source of the stress is eliminated in time. However, trees with advanced crown decline will die and should be removed.

Leaning and lopsided trees may represent a hazard if they are above a home or structure. Generally, trees that lean more than 15 degrees from vertical need to be removed. Trees that have grown leaning are not as hazardous as trees that were originally straight, but subsequently developed a lean due to wind or root damage. The general growth form of the tree and any uplifted soil on the side of the tree opposite the lean provide clues to when the lean developed.

Inspect the tree’s roots
Root integrity and overall health can’t be emphasized enough. If the roots are damaged, tree health is affected and the likelihood of the tree becoming a hazard increases. The likelihood of tree failure increases as the amount of the root damage increases. Clues to poor root conditions include thin crowns, off-color leaves, minimal growth, discolored wood at the root collar and fruiting bodies of root-rot fungi growing around the base of the trees.

Potential treatments
All trees are possible hazards. The only way to eliminate a tree hazard is to remove it. When this is not acceptable, routine inspections and action are the best way to reduce your risks. Dead trees within the range of a home should be removed. When removing a tree, prevent creating another hazard tree by limiting damage to the site and residual trees.

We’re Here To Help!
Top Tree LLC is your best choice for any tree removal needs in Benton City. All of our technicians are highly trained and properly certified. We are happy to answer any questions you have now or in the future.

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