The Effect of Grass on Trees – August 2019: Part 2

We’re continuing with our series on the effects of grass on trees: Most of us only associate clean air with trees. Grass also cleans our air and is often overlooked.  If you’re looking for guidance on how your lawn might be affecting your trees, please don’t hesitate to ask.

An example of how some of these programs have evolved is evident by the “Cash for Grass” program introduced by the Victor Valley Water District in Victorville, California. In their effort to encourage water conservation they now offer incentives to homeowners who actually convert their natural turfgrass to artificial turf. 22 Of course, there are other numerous programs in different parts of the country that offer varied incentives to remove turf and replace it with native plants or plants considered more drought tolerant. In some cases trees are often encouraged but the use of turfgrass is discouraged. Could there be environmental consequences to such decisions? Why do some government decision makers view trees as being sacred and yet perceive grass as being bad? Perhaps it’s as much a matter of misinformation as it is education according to the Turf Resource Center.

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