Tree Care Best Practices – June 2018: Part 5

We are in the middle of a beautiful summer season and this is when we see more and more people out in their yards taking care of their trees, shrubs, and other greenery. We think it’s a good time to go over some “best practices when it comes to your trees.

Site Planning for Preservation
Tree preservation should be considered when creating a site plan. A tree survey that
identifies species, age, location, and health will help determine the best site layout. Once
a tree survey has been completed, the following criteria should be considered to ensure
successful preservation:

  • Critical areas such as floodplains and steep slopes should be left in their natural condition.
  • Roadways should be positioned away from valuable stands, and along original contours to minimize cuts and fills. Cuts and fills present one of the most common causes of tree mortality on construction sites.
  • Utilities should be positioned away from the Tree Protection Zone. Utilities located in the same
    trench can minimize root damage from trenching.
  • Parking and storage should be away from the Tree Protection Zone.
  • Erosion and sediment control measures should be located at the limits of clearing
    and grading to avoid sediment deposition within the Tree Protection Zone’s of preserved trees.

When planning sediment basins, retention basins, or ponds, avoid locations
requiring extensive grading and tree removal. Trenchless silt fence construction
should be used in Critical Root Zone / Tree Protection Zone area.

An inventory of all trees on the site must be conducted, including:

  • A visual assessment (photos) of the trees for health and condition.
  • Recommendations on which trees should be preserved.
  • Construction management recommendations regarding tree protection for trees identified to be preserved.

We will continue this series over the next few months covering a wide array of topics. Don’t forget, when you’re looking for the best tree maintenance company in West Richland, we’d love the chance to earn your business.

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