Trees For Shade: Part 1 – July 2016

Are you worried about the heat taking its toll on your trees, lawn, and shrubs? Let us help you take all the necessary steps to ensure a healthy yard.

Before selecting trees, evaluate your landscape and gardens. Do you need shade or privacy? Are you trying to add interest or fill a barren spot? Or do you just have a favorite tree you want included in your landscape?

Then consider the variety of forms available in trees to determine which can best serve your purpose, as well as the vast differences in mature size that is available. A large tree that spreads wide provides a large expanse of shade. A smaller tree that spreads into a “flattened” oval is a wonderful focal point. A row of low growing trees can provide privacy screening or shelter from wind.

The size of the tree you select is one of your most important considerations. Always make sure you give a large tree plenty of room. It is always hard to imagine a young tree growing to 80 feet tall. And don’t forget that large roots, as well as the branches, spread very wide. If your tree reaches 40 feet wide when full grown, plant it more than 20 feet from your home. You will avoid expensive tree trimming to remove high branches interfering with your home, dropping leaves into your gutters, and the large roots will have plenty of room to spread and keep the tree healthy without threatening the foundation of your home.

Pasco can have some pretty high temperatures during the summer. Let Top Tree LLC show you how to keep your trees healthy during the hot summer months.

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