Why It’s Important To Mulch

The average homeowner doesn’t usually make the connection between mulching and tree health. For most, when people think of “mulching” they associate it with gardening. For any tree you have on your property, mulch is very important.

Mulching Insulates
Mulching is important for the insulation of the soil around your trees. The mulch helps regulate the temperature of the soil around your tree. Here in the Tri-Cities, we can have some extreme temperatures. In the summer, we can reach temperatures easily in the triple digits. In the winter, we sometimes hit some extreme lows.

Mulching Retains Water
The patch of ground directly under the canopy of your tree is an important part of your tree’s health. When you mulch, it helps your tree retain far much more water than without it. With mulching, you are able to control the flow of water to your tree and reduce the overall cost of water you consume.

Mulching Prevents Root Competition
Mulching keeps weeds away from your tree as well as its root structure. Mulching will keep weeds from competing for all the vital nutrients your tree needs.

Mulching Reduces Soil Erosion
Soil erosion can be a serious problem for any tree or vegetation. The top soil surrounding your tree is vital to its health and well being. Here in the Tri-Cities, we have some wind storms that can reach speeds of 70+ mph gusts. This requires the use of a heavier mulch and sometimes the replacement of mulch.

What To Do Now
If you have questions, we are happy to provide all answers to your questions. If you need other services, such as tree removal service, we can do that as well.

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