How To Prune A Tree: Part 5

Top Tree LLC has been pruning trees in the Tri-Cities for many years. Sometimes, your trees need just a little maintenance. However, there are times when they need more than that. Here is part 1 of our series on pruning your trees.

Pruning Obstructions To Telephone Wires
Pruning trees near telephone wires can be hazardous and need to be done by a professional. If you have trees that are getting too close telephone wires you should call Top Tree or even the city to see what should be done to fix the issue. No matter what, you should not attempt to work around any wires.

Pruning Obstructions To Walkways
Keeping trees maintained around walkways and paths is important for many reasons. One is for safety. If you have trees and branches that could cause injury this could lead to legal issues if you’re the property owner. Maintaining your trees is also a great way to keep your property looking clean and manicured.

Pruning Obstructions To Windows
It is important to keep heavy branches away from windows. One reason is that you will have an obstructed view. If you can’t see out your window on a nice, sunny day that’s just bad for everyone. Another reason is that during a strong wind storm, these heavy branches could potentially break your windows causing property damage. A few minutes of work trimming back these branches could end up saving you time, money, and headaches.

Here at Top Tree, we strive to be your preferred tree maintenance provider. We have specially trained arborists in the Tri-Cities that will show your trees the utmost care. Whether you need trees removed, trees trimmed, or just regular care, we will be here for you.

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