June 2016 – How To Grow A Tree or Shrub From Seed: Part 4

We can tell and show you how to grow trees and shrubs from seeds. Then as they grow, we can be your “go to tree maintenance” company.

Planting the Seeds
Seeds may be sown into individual containers or into seed trays. It is important to ensure that the seeds are planted at the recommended soil depth. Most tree seeds are planted much shallower than other annual seeds, but it typically depends on the size of the seed. Please follow the directions on each seed packet for appropriate planting depth. The seeds should be sown in a well-drained medium, such as a mixture of peat moss and vermiculite.

When sowing the seeds, fill the container or seed tray to about ½ inch from the top with the moist medium (soil). Level the medium by gently shaking or tapping the container.

For larger seeds – those over a 1/3 of an inch tall, press half the seed into the medium. For smaller seeds, sprinkle them lightly over the surface of the soil. Cover the seeds with a fine layer of sand to a depth about the thickness of the seed.

After planting the seeds, gently water them and keep them moist but not wet. Maintaining high moisture and relative humidity is critical to germinating seeds. You can increase the humidity by enclosing the seed tray in a plastic tent. Be sure to poke some holes in the plastic cover to ensure adequate air circulation. Keep the trays in a warm but dimly lit location.

Germination can be as quick as a few days or as slow as several months, depending on the species and the environmental conditions. Once the seeds germinate, move the seedlings to a brighter location. You may need to nurse the seedlings indoors for a few months before planting outdoors. Try to give the young plants as much sunlight as possible.

When You Need Help Growing Trees
We want to be your “go to” resource for taking care of your trees and shrubs. Whether it’s giving the best tree maintenance advice possible to take care of them or if you need the best company in Pasco for tree removal, we are here for you. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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