Need a Power Pruner? | Don’t worry! Hire a Professional to take care of it for you.

There might be what seem a large array of tools needed to perform tree maintenance properly. Maybe you need to just do a little trimming. Maybe you need the right tools to take down trees of different sizes and shapes. No matter what, we can help you sort through them for what you need.

Buy a Power Pruner

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, buying good equipment is the way to go. If you have cutting and pruning equipment that needs to be sharpened, we recommend Liberty Lawn and Saw Shop at 1881 Terminal Drive at the Richland Airport. Liberty Lawn and Saw Shop can sharpen your equipment and service it for you, or they would be happy to help you select new items from their Husqvarna showroom. If you’re not sure what kind of tool or size you need, just give them a call at (509) 371-1477 or stop by the showroom. We can also save you the time and complete the job for you.

Other Tools To Look For
Depending on how big or small the job is you’re looking to accomplish, you will want to consider other tools. Here are some other tree maintenance tools to keep in mind:

At Top Tree LLC, we work hard to be the best arborists in the Tri-Cities. We make sure to stay on top of the latest education and classes so that every job is done right. This knowledge makes sure we offer the best services at the best value. If you’re looking for the cheapest tree trimming services in West Richland, it may end up costing you more than you imagined. Let us earn your business today.

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